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waltham st lawrence monument undergoing cleaning by LSC


Highgate Cemetery 2010 – ongoing

Nominated Conservation Contractor for stone conservation at Highgate Cemetery

Repair of over forty memorials

Opened in 1839, Highgate Cemetery is now a Grade I listed park of significant importance to London, to its culture, history and environment; a place of great natural beauty due to its high elevation and mixed woodland landscape. In its heyday the most fashionable of London cemeteries, it still remains an extraordinary architectural pageant of monument and stone.

In September 2010 LSC was invited to tender for the reconstruction of several large unsafe monuments at Highgate.  The contract successfully won, we carried out the required reconstruction and were subsequently appointed as Nominated Conservation Contractor for Highgate Cemetery.

To date, we have reconstructed and repaired in excess of eighty memorials there; we continue with the ongoing schedule of works throughout the year.


Fabric restoration: conservation, repair, replacement, maintenance

  • dismantling, rescuing and stabilisation of existing failing structures

  • render work and cladding repair

  • lime mortar repairs, lime pointing

  • paint removal

  • gilding


see Ethos/ Philosophy of Conservation



We have carried out restoration works on several war memorials over the years.

This is our general procedure, often slightly adapted to suit the distinct character of each project:

  • A close inspection and condition survey is initially carried out to document the extent of damage or deterioration

  • The works usually begin with a careful Doff cleaning: a controlled pressure, high temperature water cleaning system, without the addition of chemicals

  • After the cleaning process has been completed, a second survey is conducted in order to establish a more precise account of further conservation processes required

  • Structural failure is amended with stone indents

  • Weathered stone and cementitious pointing are rectified with the use of natural hydraulic lime mortars

  • Failed or missing letters in inscriptions are recarved or repaired

  • Lime wash shelter coats may be applied on completion of the works, to ensure a more subtle weathering in the future


Stone Carvers • Stone Masons • Stone Conservators

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